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"Partnership is not a posture but a process-a continuous process that grows stronger each year as we devote ourselves to common tasks..."




This is one of the simplest ways to help out our cause. We believe the best way for our initiatives to be successful is for the community to actively get involved. This is an easy and efficient way of contributing to the great work we do at EcoSikh Canada. Get in touch with any questions about how you can Partner with Us today.

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Want to join our efforts but not sure where to start? Volunteer Your Time and take advantage of this incredible opportunity to lend your support. It’s a great way to contribute to our cause, and every little bit counts towards paving the path for a better tomorrow. Get in touch with us today for more details about how you can help.

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Our organization always appreciates the generosity and involvement of people like you, with every contribution going towards making EcoSikh Canada an even better Non-Profit/Charitable organization than it already is.

We want to provide you with the correct and appropriate information pertaining to your mode of support, so don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions.



Sponsor a planting event in honour of your business, family, organization, etc.

Businesses can also sponsor events in kind to support the participants with planting gear, equipment, food, drinks, etc.

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Be An Individual Contributor

We encourage every Canadian to do their part in climate action - no matter how big or how small...
Here are a few ways to make a difference through partnering with EcoSikh Canada:

  • Private Land Owner Planting

  • Seedling Pre-Planting Event Efforts

  • The EK Initiative - 1 Person, 1 Plant

  • Monarch Butterfly Conservation Program
    In Partnership with the David Suzuki Foundation

Crowd Cheering


EcoSikh Canada Inc has created a 9 year plant to plant 1 million trees annually across Canada by 2031.


EcoSikh Canada has joined the global EcoSikh campaign as an integral part of our international mandate and to offer our support to Canada as we have a warming rate approximately 2 times that of the global rate.


With recent changes in our temperature and environment, Canadians stand to inherit drastic consequences from climate change over the next century.


Canada is a country of diversity and inclusion.  With multiple beliefs, backgrounds and faiths, we aim to support education and active partnership with ALL Canadians.


It is important to message EcoSikh Canada is not limited to any single community and partner with corporations, community groups, all faiths, etc. as Sikhs believe we are all creations of the Timeless One and are created equal.  A belief in line with the impacts of climate change. 


Nobody is excluded from climate change…


We can, for generations to come, reap the benefits we sow together in supporting our beautiful Earth’s stability, or continue to be incrementally impacted by an unbalanced planet.


How To Partner with EcoSikh Canada:


Partner with EcoSikh Canada to educate Canadians on Climate Change and support our global 1 million trees initiative!




Our partnership model makes it simple to make a difference with 3 steps:


1.Designate a program champion

2.Make a target pledge for your organization

3.Work with the EcoSikh Team to organize a planting event and create awareness!


We will support you every step of the way!


Submit this partnership form to to get started!


If you would like to learn more, arrange an information session or join existing events to join, contact us at or view our upcoming events.


We thank you for your efforts and interest for protecting our planet!

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