Partnering with All Canadians to Protect Our Planet!


Canada is a land of vibrant eco-systems that vastly contribute to the overall health of our planet.   We are the second largest nation across the planet with wooded land or forest.  The privilege of enduring four annual seasons makes our environment particularly sensitive to changes in the Earth’s temperature.  Canada’s  terrestrial land swallows large freshwater lakes and rivers while surrounding its east and west flanks by the world’s 2 largest oceans and a grand escarpment of artic glaciers that stretch the north.  

The combination of such majestic dimensions result in genuine beauty and picturesque  landscapes.  This gift to our nation comes with a great level responsibility.  Canadians must take ownership and care of our national treasures for sustainability of our planet and for our future generations to enjoy.

Canada’s temperature has increased at 2x the world’s rate, making impacts immense as we move further into this century and beyond.


EcoSikh Canada Inc. is a not-for-profit, charitable organization governed by the Federal Government of Canada.  Our organization is the official regional chapter of EcoSikh, and will be a strong contributor to EcoSikh’s 1 million tree project and Canada’s Climate Plan.

With Climate Change a top priority across Canada and the globe, EcoSikh Canada’s has made our duty to grow awareness of Climate Change within all geographies and populations within Canada. 

Through strong partnership with all Canadians, educational activities and active service, EcoSikh Canada services to protect Canada, and the world, from incrementally detrimental effects of climate change.



EcoSikh Canada connects Sikh values, beliefs, and institutions to the most important environmental issues facing our world.

Through engaging all Canadians in partnership, education and service, we can take on climate change and protect our planet for future generations enjoy.



‘Air is the Guru, Water the Father, and the Earth is the Great Mother’

‘Pavan Guru Pani Pita, Mata Dharat Mahat !’

ਪਵਣੁ ਗੁਰੂ ਪਾਣੀ ਪਿਤਾ ਮਾਤਾ ਧਰਤਿ ਮਹਤੁ ||

         ~ Guru Nanak Dev Ji

All of God’s creations are equal, and we have an intrinsic sensitivity to each other in the natural world.

A sustainable, more just society is possible, where water, air, land, forests, and biodiversity remain vibrant and our planet is nurtured to a healthy balance.


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